Sustainability and commitment to the future

Sustainability in the kitchen

Our solutions for preserving food help businesses to be more sustainable by providing alternatives to the use of plastic film or aluminium foil and thereby reducing the waste generated. Our containers have an integrated label and do not need any other sticky labels to identify the food to be preserved.

Cost savings and continuous improvements can be achieved in all areas of food management, including food preservation. The quantities of food that are thrown away due to poor management not only generate a problem of sustainability but also entail a considerable additional cost for businesses. Our food storage containers increase the useful life of food. The lid has a channel that allows part of the air inside the container to be expelled, reducing oxidation of food and prolonging its useful life by up to 25%*.

* Study carried out by the Plant Origin Foods Research Group of the University of Zaragoza.

All of us at ARAVEN are committed to sustainability as the pathway to the future.

Our basic principles are:


To comply with the established requirements in all the work we carry out, and coordinate them with those of our customers and suppliers.


To prevent pollution and the impact on the environment, by correctly managing all aspects arising from our processes and activities.


To minimise consumption and the generation of emissions and waste in production, management and recycling processes.


To promote and further our environmental commitment among our suppliers, to engage them in it.


To seek the continuous improvement of our current activities thus ensuring the least environmental impact possible.


To proactively involve all Company personnel in fulfilling the above points and in managing the environmental value of our activities.

ARAVEN's Environmental Policy is everyone's responsibility, it has General Management's total backing, and its fulfilment is considered to be a top priority. This concept of responsibility does not just include the environment but also core social and economic issues. At ARAVEN we consider Sustainability to be a mandatory project. A commitment to our planet, to the current society and to the future generations, which as citizens of the world we must accept. This is a strategic project that must become our standard way of working.

Respect for the environment is an essential attribute of our innovation process. Araven seeks to provide durable products made width materials and processes that are efficient and environment-friendly.

The 3Rs Rule



At the design phase our studies determine the ideal thickness of parts in order to use the minimum material to produce the part without adversely affecting its quality or functionality. We analyse the environmental effects of materials and whether they can be replaced by "greener" solutions. We examine the whole production process to minimise impacts by making processes more efficient and reducing consumption.



ARAVEN does not develop disposable or so-called "single-use" products. All ARAVEN's articles are designed to have a long useful life in conditions of intensive use, in professional environments. We promote the use of reusable products in all food service processes and carry out awareness-raising campaigns among professionals.



All ARAVEN Food Service products are made with recyclable materials We try to manufacture products in just one material or, if this is not possible, we try to facilitate sorting of materials and components of multi-material products to make recycling easier. We have a zero waste strategy, with the aim to reuse any remaining material from our production processes in our products or in those of our partners.


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