Araven reinforces its leadership in the preservation of food in hospitality with its new range of GastroNorm Polycarbonate containers with universal lid

09 -03-2020

The spanish company has 38 references: 22 tubs, 6 support lids, 6 support lids with notches and 4 tubs with perforated holes, to offer a flexible collection that adapts to different functions

In addition to having a support lid that is compatible with all GastroNorm containers in the same size, regardless of the material, the new range offers all of Araven’s exclusive design features to facilitate the work of professionals in the Horeca (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering) sector

Araven’s GastroNorm tubs are available in the main standardised measurements in food preservation, handling and service processes, and also include models with perforated holes for optimum defrosting and exudate control.

(Monday 9 March 2020). Aragon-based firm Araven continues to strengthen its product catalogue of professional hospitality equipment and completes its famous range of food containers with the new GastroNorm polycarbonate pans. Designed to facilitate all restaurant tasks, the main innovation of these pans is their universal support lid, which can also be used on other GastroNorm containers made from different materials. An advantage that is added to all of Araven’s exclusive details and the properties of polycarbonate.

The Araven GastroNorm range is available in the measurements established in EN Standard 631.1, from GN 1/6 (162x176 mm) to GN 1/1 (530x325 mm).  In total, 38 references are added: 22 pans, 6 support lids, 6 support lids with notches and 4 pans with perforated holes, to offer a flexible collection that adapts to different functions.

Thus, their versatile lids can be used on any container manufactured according to these specifications, regardless of their manufacture material; and they can also be stacked. In this way, they speed up all the various tasks required to handle, preserve and serve food.

The universal support lid also helps at work with details such as its handle to easily open the food container; or the notched version, designed to place a spoon or utensil in the service area; a result of the complete design work that characterises all Araven products, in which its patented features stand out to facilitate the identification and traceability of products.

Thus, the GastroNorm food containers present an engraved food identification system on the item where you can note down, using the Araven marker, the basic aspects of the preserved product (dates of creation, expiry or origin…) and easily control the hygienic-sanitary guarantees and the effectiveness of the work processes. The key information is reinforced with the engraving on the upper edge with the days of the week and times, so that, on a handling table, the operator can see the food’s date and time of expiry that was marked down during its preparation.




The list of practical details also includes airtight lids with a rubber seal to ensure maximum protection of the food even in the largest of our containers; an engraved measurement indicator, textured edges on the corners for greater durability and racks for defrosting and washing the food.

To assist in these two especially critical operations, the GastroNorm tubs are also offered with holes in, with a perforated wavy bottom that allows the liquid to drain more quickly to the base of the contai without coming into contact with the food again.

This design not only reduces the defrosting time, but also makes them the ideal container for fresh foods that give off liquids, such as meat and fish, as they separate the exudate from the food itself, maintaining all their quality and reducing the level of waste. Likewise, they are the best option for washing and draining vegetables, rice and pasta, or for displaying products for service, like cut fruit.

Finally, this range enjoys all the benefits of polycarbonate, a transparent material that allows you to see what’s inside and does not stain from the acids and colourants in sauces; it has a great resistance to impact and maintains its properties from the lowest to the highest temperatures, so it is perfect for both freezing and for preparations like a bain-marie; and it can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

Araven’s containers also comply with the PC-SAFE regulations on migrations of plastic substances to foods, they have the NSF Certification (National Sanitation Foundation) and, thanks to their special design, prevent the accumulation of debris.

This Araven product was presented in January at the international gastronomic event, Madrid Fusion and, in February, at the professional show, HIP (Hospitality Innovation Planet).




With this complete range of containers, Araven once again demonstrates the main hallmarks of its range of products specifically for hospitality professionals, which this year is celebrating 30 years. Since the launch of its first airtight containers in 1990, the firm has stood out for its continuously expanding catalogue, seeking the highest quality and innovation.

All of Araven’s items are the result of a significant effort in research and design, in collaboration with the most prestigious teaching and chef centres, to offer versatile tools that are comfortable to use and have all the guarantees in hygiene and health matters to professional caterers.

During 2019, around one hundred new items, such as the new Araven airtight containers and the Gastronorm 2/1, especially designed to preserve and defrost large quantities of food, were added. The hospitality catalogue already contains 500 references, with the widest range of containers and airtight containers for food, trays, isothermal cabinets, service and buffet accessories and kitchen and cleaning equipment.

Founded in 1976, Araven has over 40 years of experience in the market. With its head office in Villanueva de Gállego (Zaragoza) and branches in the United States and Mexico, it sells its products in 69 countries across the five continents -exporting 68% of its production- and is present in the kitchens of the best chefs, such as Martín Berasategui, Pedro Subijana, Jesús Almagro, Enrique Olvera and Pascal Barbot.

In addition to the products for the Horeca sector, Araven is present with its range of products for commercial equipment in the main large distribution chains, a sector in which it is also a leader with its own and exclusive products: the range of ShopRoll baskets - Araven launched the first basket with telescopic handle and wheels on the market - and the Loop compact trolleys.



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