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Araven increases its product range for the service and display sector

07 -07-2017

The leading company in solutions for the food services industry has launched a new line of trays for fast food and self-service restaurants and the catering services sector

Araven’s line of specialist products ranges from bowls to tongs and ladles or polycarbonate jugs and glasses

Araven, leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of articles for food service professionals, currently offers all kinds of solutions for fast-food and self-service restaurants and the catering sector. The Aragonese company has increased its product range in the service and display segment to include new types of trays ranging from bowls to tongs and ladles or polycarbonate jugs and glasses.

Araven’s line of "fast food” trays made of polypropylene afford great strength and resistance to make them ideal for fast food and self - service restaurants and the catering sector. With this recent extension, the Aragonese company’s range now offers self-service trays sized 350 x 270 mm up to 530 x 370 mm. Similarly, it has increased the number of available colours in its permanent collection to seven, although it is also possible for the customer to order a personalised colour scheme, as well as logo, by means of screen printing or in-moulding. The overall range of trays now comprises a total of 15 different models and sizes.


The Araven service and display range is further complemented with other products:

-Trays and plates with protective lids to ensure that food on display is protected from direct contamination from proximity or consumer action. Thanks to these lids, food is protected from external contamination right up until it is eaten.

- Serving accessories such as tongs, ladles and spoons for handling food when serving. The ladles and spoons can be used to ensure the exact amount of sauce or gravy is served each time.

- High gloss black and white trays and bowls to afford the most attractive presentation of food in the display area.

-Polycarbonate jugs and glasses. Thanks to polycarbonate being a very durable material, you can now avoid unnecessary risks for patrons of catering services for large groups of people. The glasses are transparent, easy-to-handle and reusable, thus minimizing environmental impact by generating less waste compared to disposable glasses. The design is in line with the latest trends in tableware used in the food service industry with a visual effect similar to glass.


Araven products are used in all types of catering and food service, such as school canteens, where it is of utmost importance to ensure the diet is as varied as possible and that the utensils used for serving and eating guarantee a perfect state of cleanliness and disinfection.

For example, in school canteens, the tray is the main item used to carry food to the place where children are going to eat and in most cases, it even serves as a “tablecloth” for the duration of the meal. Araven’s use of bright colours ensures that eating at school becomes a pleasant and attractive experience for children. The special design that avoids any sharp edges or corners where germs may accumulate facilitate proper cleaning and disinfection before and after each meal.



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