Araven furthers its commitment to sustainability with new 3R waste bins: 100% recycled, recyclable and reusable

17 -11-2022

  • Available from this month, our new products for sorting waste are fully made from scraps produced during our own production processes, and after use, they can be recycled again, with a total reduction in CO2 emissions of 65%
  • The leading manufacturer of products for the hospitality industry is launching 18 different items available in three sizes – 22, 25 and 40 litres – and with lids in five colours to make waste sorting easy
  • The source of the material and design by Araven also guarantee their resistance to heat and moisture, ease of handling and cleaning, and the long life of these recycled bins as another facet of their sustainability
  • Araven continues to progress in its efforts to reduce its environmental impact and also to help customers to work towards this goal

Araven’s new range of pitchers brings added benefits to hospitality professionals, consumers and the environment

26 -01-2022

  • These new products are stackable when not in use to optimise storage space and they also feature a lid with two positions of use and safe closing. Available in three capacities (1, 1.4 and 1.8 litres) and in two materials: BPA-free polypropylene and polycarbonate
  • Araven continues to add to its catalogue of products for the hospitality industry, which now totals almost 700 references that respond to the needs of the most demanding professionals, as well as preventing health hazards and promoting sustainability.

Araven increases its number of references by 36% and offers almost 700 products for food service and hospitality industry professionals

15 -09-2021

▪ Araven’s new 2021-22 catalogue includes 680 solutions for the HoReCa sector, 180 more than its previous catalogue two years ago.

▪ The Spanish company reinforces its market leadership, especially in the field of food preservation and storage, with six container ranges for all types of foodstuffs.

▪ The catalogue is now available in printed and PDF format, in six languages, and its almost 200 pages provide a comprehensive reference guide and good practice handbook for professionals, with information on correct food hygiene measures in different processes of preservation, handling, service, transport and cleaning.

Araven and the Cruzcampo Foundation collaborate in the training of young talents for the hospitality sector

31 -08-2021

  • Students benefitting from Talento Cruzcampo, the grants programme set up by the Cruzcampo Foundation, will receive training from Araven's experts on different aspects of food handling and preservation to guarantee maximum conditions of safety and hygiene.
  • Araven's technical personnel will also provide advice and assessment on equipment for food preservation and handling areas at the Cruzcampo Factory, the headquarters where the brewery’s foundation stages its training programmes, and which is another of the training centres with which the Spanish company collaborates, along with the Basque Culinary Center and the Institut Paul Bocuse.
  • Araven points out that this agreement highlights two of the company's identifying traits: its commitment to training and its corporate social responsibility.

Araven reinforces its leadership in the preservation of food in hospitality with its new range of GastroNorm Polycarbonate containers with universal lid

11 -01-2021

The spanish company has 38 references: 22 tubs, 6 support lids, 6 support lids with notches and 4 tubs with perforated holes, to offer a flexible collection that adapts to different functions

In addition to having a support lid that is compatible with all GastroNorm containers in the same size, regardless of the material, the new range offers all of Araven’s exclusive design features to facilitate the work of professionals in the Horeca (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering) sector

Araven’s GastroNorm tubs are available in the main standardised measurements in food preservation, handling and service processes, and also include models with perforated holes for optimum defrosting and exudate control.

Araven completes its container range with its new GN 2/1 containers for storing and thawing out large quantities of food

13 -12-2019

These 70 and 90-litre capacity containers are specifically designed for sectors that handle large volumes of food, as occurs in industrial catering, holiday hotels or food industries.

Their innovative design allows quick, safe thawing of all types of products and incorporates the characteristic features of Araven’s containers: integrated label and identifying colorclips.

In 2019, 100 new references have been added to Araven’s catalogue for the food service industry, which now boasts 500 exclusive articles to meet the most stringent requirements of catering professionals.

Araven and the Basque Culinary Center renew their partnership for training and research into gastronomy and food safety for another five years

10 -10-2019

The Spanish company that is the leading manufacturer of products for Horeca professionals teams up with Spain’s first Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences, offering its experience and expertise to develop innovative joint projects in this field.

On the occasion of the San Sebastián Gastronomika Congress, Raúl Purroy, Business Development Manager at Araven and Joxe Mari Aizega, Managing Director of the Basque Culinary Center, signed a new agreement to continue and extend the common lines of work laid down in the initial agreement signed in 2014. 

A new joint area of work has been added in this agreement: the LABe-Digital Gastronomy Lab, a living lab of open innovation to address the subject of digital transformation in gastronomy.  Araven will continue to take part in the training programmes organised by the Basque Culinary Center and will offer assessment on food preservation and handling.

Araven reinvents its airtight containers for the food service industry with an innovative design that extends the useful life of food by up to 25%

16 -05-2019

The Plant-based Food Research Group of the University of Zaragoza has certified in a study it has carried out that these new containers preserve food better and for longer.

The main novelty is a new closure system that allows part of the air inside the container to be expelled, this way reducing food oxidation.

Araven’s new airtight containers benefit from improved labelling and include two new ColorClips to reinforce food identification and daily food management.

Araven’s star product for the food service industry has been on the market for 30 years.  Last year alone more than two million containers were sold worldwide.

Araven presents its new 5-compartment serving tray for canteen catering

29 -08-2018

Araven, leader in the design and manufacture of products for the HoReCa industry, is launching its new tray designed for consuming food directly without the need for plates and which incorporates various innovative features aimed at improving its use.

The possibility of using one tray to cover another and the special grooves for cutlery are just two of the tray's most original features

Araven increases its product range for the service and display sector

07 -07-2017

The leading company in solutions for the food services industry has launched a new line of trays for fast food and self-service restaurants and the catering services sector

Araven’s line of specialist products ranges from bowls to tongs and ladles or polycarbonate jugs and glasses

The prestigious Chef Pedro Subijana joins the campaign “Araven in the world’s best kitchens”

01 -06-2017

The renowned chef, whose restaurant boasts three Michelin stars, is the latest to take part in this initiative following other famous chefs such as Martín Berasategui, Jesús Almagro and the Mexican Enrique Olvera

Araven, the spanish company that is a leader in solutions for the food service industry, has fully equipped the kitchens of the Akelarre restaurant in Monte Igueldo, San Sebastián with a complete range of its products, resuming its collaboration with Subijana that first started in 2006. 

Enrique Olvera, prestigious mexican chef, joins "Araven in the world's best kitchens" campaign

08 -03-2017

This leading figure in contemporary Mexican cuisine is to join the initiative in which other renowned chefs such as Martín Berasategui and Jesús Almagro already participate 

The Spanish company, leader in solutions for the food service industry, has supplied its entire range of products to equip the kitchens of the world-famous chef who triumphs with his ‘Pujol de Mexico’ restaurant, voted no. 25 among the “The World’s Top 50 Restaurants”, and the ‘Cosme’ in New York, rated as 3 Star by The New York Times 


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