Seguridad alimentaria

Food safety

Food safety does not only depend on the state of the food and the type of process that it is subjected to. The materials that food comes into contact with are also very important. Araven products comply and help to comply with all the required regulations regarding food hygiene. We can guarantee food safety in all food preparation processes up-to service, providing best practice and hygiene are observed

ARAVEN pays particular attention to all hygiene and health regulations, quaranteeing "peace of mind" for our customers.

Heath Authorities check that the products used in cateringestablishments comply with regulations.

Manufacturers must certify to their customers that they comply with regulations so that this certification can also be applied to the catering establishments

  1. Health Authorities.
  2. Catering establishments.
  3. Requirement for compliance.
  4. Manufacturers.
  5. Catering distributors.
  6. Certification of compliance.
Food Safety Regulations are our work guide and source of inspiration for developing new products.

Araven's products, designed on the basis of the CODEX Alimentarius, help hospitality establishments to apply Correct Hygiene Practices to prevent, reduce or eliminate possible hazards during the different stages of food preparation, handling and preservation. These work tools have been designed to minimise the risk of food contamination. They are made of corrosion-resistant materials that are easy to clean and disinfect.

Their use, together with a hygienic environment and good practices, ensure food safety at all stages of the process, from receipt of the product to the moment it is served. In the HORECA sector, the following phases in food management and processing in the kitchen can be identified:

  • Receipt of goods
  • Food storage and preservation
  • Food handling and preparation
  • Food presentation or serving


Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, is a systematic preventive process to guarantee food safety. Araven’s products are designed with rounded edges that are easy to clean, with no sharp parts or hollows where the remains of food or dirt may harbour. They also incorporate elements such as the ColorClip and built-in traceability labels to maintain a high level of food safety and help in complying with regulations and self-management systems (HACCP). The products marketed by ARAVEN are designed following recommendations of the International Food Standards Commission (CODEX ALIMENTARIUS).



The National Sanitation Foundation is an independent organization that carries out tests to certify compliance with established criteria in relation to design, construction and evaluation of the materials and performance tests. Araven’s airtight containers hold NSF certification and they are therefore on the NSF list of products.



Regulations on migration establish limits on the migration of substances in plastic materials and apply to plastics that are intended to come into contact with food. ARAVEN complies with ALL Migration Regulations: Directive 2005/79/EU, Directive 2007/19/EU, Directive 2008/39/EU and Directive 2011/10/UE.



Traceability refers to the ability to follow the route of food, or objects that are intended for contact with food, from production to consumption – covering all the steps of the supply chain. We supply tools for compliance with Traceability Regulations Reg (CE) 852/2004 and Reg(CE) 178/2002 in relation to food. The integrated labels on Araven food containers, used together with HORECA marker pens, are the only integrated system that ensures correct hygiene practice and helps with compliance with these regulations.



Araven incorporates identification systems in its products to comply with Regulation Reg (EC) 1935/2004 relating to utensils in contact with food.


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