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Covid19 – Prepare your kitchen for “delivery”

Many establishments are taking the initiative to temporarily change their business models and operate as “delivery” during the Covid-19 pandemic. But how do you make this transition? While the new legislation allows food delivery services, this new business model involves a set of challenges and a learning curve to ensure that operations are carried out
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Hygiene and food safety in thawing processes

Freezing and defrosting food that are common practices in many restaurant kitchens, are very important processes for which certain basic hygiene recommendations must be followed to eliminate any risk to customers’ health. The first recommendation is that food to be thawed should be separated from the rest of  the fresh foodstuffs to avoid any possible cross
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New special squeeze bottle for oil

Without doubt oil is one of the most frequently found ingredients in all professional kitchens. There is a wide variety of vegetable oils that depends on those abounding most in each country or region. From olive oil, the flagship product of Mediterranean cuisine, to other vegetable oils such as, sunflower, sesame, peanut or coconut oil.   How to
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