Category: 3. Service and display

Black BPA-free Gastronorm containers for refrigerated counters

Araven’s new range of bisphenol-free black containers, made in ABS, is designed for handling and displaying food at cold counters as well as for storage using airtight lids.  It allows “mirroring” between handling /cold counter areas and storage/cold cabinet areas to facilitate prepping, batching and serving.  This process makes it easy to adapt containers to
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Cups and glasses for use outdoors which look like glass

SAFETY AND QUALITY IN OUTDOOR DINING IS POSSIBLE WITH ARAVEN’S POLYCARBONATE CUP AND GLASS The cups and glasses, perfect for tourist complexes, swimming pools or campsites, are reusable and respectful towards the environment, avoiding plastic waste being produced in these areas Their transparency and classic design make them elegant- the customer can barely notice the difference
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